French research and development of abnormal shampoo, oil control up to 72 hours!

Grey hair is very distressing! It looks very dirty and very spiritless against a large oil field! It's ugly that the hair is soft and flat and sticks to the scalp.
If the oil is not controlled for a long time, the hair follicles will be blocked and the roots will not get nutrients. If the hair can not absorb nutrients, it will become small, soft and dry.
Over time, the hair will fall off a lot of grease blocking the hair follicles slowly atrophy closed off the hair lost can no longer grow out!
There is also too much oil in the head.
Hair adheres to the scalp
Causing bacterial overgrowth and ineffective cleaning causing scalp itching
Excessive scalp grease is easier to absorb dust, dirt and residue and produce a lot of dandruff.
Again, excessive head oil breeds mites and mite secretions aggravate follicle blockage, greasy hair loss and serious vicious circle.
So hair oil, dandruff, itchy scalp, soft hair oil control is the key!
But many people who wash their hair all their lives have not chosen the right shampoo and do not know what is right for them!
Fortunately, there is a plant.
It can balance oil and improve oily skin
It is the record of Lavender in Provence, France, which is used to treat human skin naturally and without irritation. It can be traced back to ancient Roman times and is found in many European oil-control, sterilization and skin care products.
Today Xiaobian will recommend a 100-year plant formula Lavender amino acid oil-control shampoo developed in France (brand: NORTH `WIND Beifeng)
* Real shooting of products*
France is called "the capital of art". They have an artistic pursuit for every product.
It is this "artistic spirit" that has inherited for hundreds of years that has created thousands of luxury brands in countries with a population of only 60 million.
NORTH `WIND North Wind Lavender Amino Acid Oil-Controlled Shampoo is a traditional formula in Provence, France, specially designed for the "scalp oil" crowd.
Active Lavender Molecule, Oil Control 72 Hours
Extraction of French Lavender Prairie Liquor as the Main Oil Control Material Lavender Activity Especially Important NORTH `WIND North Wind Plant Experts Select High Quality Provence Lavender by Low Temperature Cold Extraction Technology
Retaining Molecular Activity in Extraction
Deep into hair follicles
Balancing oil secretion fundamentally solves the problem of greasy
So the oil control effect challenges 72 hours without any problem. It's greasy before shampooing.
After washing, the hair is not greasy, refreshing and fluffy. Farewell to big oily head is no longer empty talk.
After 72 hours of washing, the hair is still as fluffy and refreshing!
After many washes
Oil reduces secretion
Slowly reach balance
Atrophic hair follicles begin to recover the hair to absorb nutrients and become sturdy and not easy to fall off
Amino acid 0 stimulation, rich foam, no silicone oil.
It is well known that France advocates organic nursing with strict requirements for ingredients and the addition of a variety of plant amino acids.
The coconut amide plant ingredients inside the water produce a lot of dense bubbles, which are as delicate and soft as whipped cream.
Rare high-order amino acid 0 stimulates and nourishes hair mildly without harming scalp (acid-base test_) dip shampoo on test paper
No color change, belong to weak acid PH value between 6 and 7 can be used for children and the elderly without stimulating the skin.
Cleaning ability is very strong without excess elements of silicone oil. It is easy to wash and clean. It can basically wash 99% grease residue.
* Real shooting of products*
Hair is easy to blow dry, light, fluffy and small.
If you wash your hair at night
Anion dries faster and easily into the middle of hair.
Lavender amino acid oil-controlled Shampoo
Professional fluffy test
The fluffy degree can reach 30 degrees.
The hair is fluffy and the face is small and tall.~
And after washing.
It's very good to blow! Make! Type! Get up in the morning in a hurry. Don't worry about shampooing before going to work. Shampooing works well and the next day is still stylish.
Encounter Chanel, lasting 72 hours
It's shocking to ask what it smells like! Lavender Amino Acids Oil-Control Shampoo with French Chanel Fragrance You're not mistaken!
After each shampoo, it emits a light fragrance, because the jasmine lemon factor will penetrate into the root of the hair, like the fragrance of the hair itself, instantly fragrant into a crowd!
Finally, combined with the Japanese cold wind and the Nordic style of simplicity, the small square bottle designed to be simple and atmospheric is not small, just right in hand.
First press the pump head several times
Catch the clear shampoo with your palm
Rub your hands for a few moments to experience Milky white, delicate, milk-like silk slippery
Smell the fragrance again. The luxurious fragrance surrounds the balsam, jasmine and vanilla instantly.
Then wash the foam slowly on the head and massage the scalp for 1-2 minutes to promote scalp blood circulation.
Girls wash words with Beifeng Hair Conditioner to really achieve oil control, fluffy, flexible effect
Finally, remember to dry your hair. If you don't, wet hair will grow bacteria when it touches pillows, and dandruff will become greasy.
This formula is used in almost every home in Provence, France, because of its excellent oil control effect.
Of course, we can't miss such a good recipe! Lavender Amino Acid Oil-Control Shampoo began to be separately produced in the Mainland.
NoRTH `WIND Beifeng Lavender Amino Acid Oil Control Shampoo
Some hair salons are used to clean the scalp and hair.
Old customers unanimously praise!
In order to help more friends solve the problem of oil head, NORTH `WIND North Wind gives special benefits on the Wechat platform.
The original price of shampoo is 119 yuan, the present price is only 69 yuan, and the sample is 50g!
The original price of shampoo and conditioner is 209 yuan. Now it only needs 119 yuan to send a sample of shampoo and conditioner 50g + 50g.
And because of the particularity of the oil head, almost all hotel shampoos are not oil-controlled.
Take it with you on business trip
No check-in!
Of course, it's beautiful and handsome to go out.
Hair is man's second face.
A fluffy, not greasy hair can show your temperament and maybe bring good luck.~
Note: This event is limited to 10,000 bottles.
Limit the purchase of 3 bottles per person, finish the deadline!
Buy early, use early control, place orders quickly, just buy and send out the missing benefits, it will be another year!
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