29 paper mills have issued price increase letters! The price increase will be accelerated abruptly beyond the imagination of carton mills.

29 paper mills, such as Jianhui Paper Industry, Jinzhou Paper Industry and Jiangmen Star Paper Industry, have issued price increase letters. Box board, corrugated paper, yarn tube paper and white cardboard have risen by 30-200 yuan/ton.
The pace of price rises accelerated abruptly, exceeding expectations for September-November price rises.
It is speculated that the price hike will accelerate abruptly beyond the imagination of most carton factories, which reminds you to pay attention to the price. // 29 paper mills issued price increase letters, box board paper, corrugated paper, yarn tube paper, white cardboard and so on increased by 30-200 yuan.//
On August 22, Dongguan Jianhui Paper Co., Ltd. issued a price increase letter: affected by the rise in raw materials and other comprehensive costs, since August 22, 2019. The company's new orders for various grades of environmental protection kraft liner paper increased by 50 yuan/ton on the basis of the original price.
On August 22, Dongguan Jinzhou Paper Co., Ltd. issued a price increase letter: Influenced by raw materials, new orders for base paper (including Jinzhou high strength core paper, Q paper, H paper and T paper) were raised by 50 yuan/ton on the basis of the original price from that day (August 22).
On August 22, Jiangmen Star Paper Co., Ltd. issued a price increase letter: due to the rising prices of raw materials such as waste paper, it is now decided that the price of kraft box paper and yarn tube paper (including grade A, B, C, F, S, Q yarn tube paper, grade N and K Kraft box paper) will be increased by 50 yuan/ton on the basis of the original price from August 22, 2019.
On August 22, Hengshan New Jinlong Paper Co., Ltd. issued a price increase letter: Due to the recent rising price of waste paper and the impact of production costs, our company decided to increase the sales price of all series of yarn tube paper products by 50 yuan/ton from August 22, 2019.
On August 22, Sichuan Xunyuan Paper Co., Ltd. issued a price increase letter: Since August 26, the price of all products out of warehouse has been raised by 50 yuan/ton (including the production scheduling plan for non-delivery).
On August 22, Chenming Paper Industry issued a price increase letter: affected by the increase of environmental protection costs and the high production and operation costs, white cardboard has been raised by 200 yuan/ton since August 25.
On August 20, Shandong Jianghe Paper Co., Ltd. issued a price increase letter:
In view of the continuous strengthening of the national environmental protection situation, in order to provide better products and services to your company, on September 1, all kinds of paper produced by Jianghe Paper in Shandong Province were raised by 200 yuan/ton on the basis of the current implementation price.
On August 19, Huafa Paper Industry (Fujian) Co., Ltd. issued a price increase letter: Since August 20, the cost of high-strength corrugated paper has increased by 50 yuan/ton on the basis of the original price because of the rising raw materials.
Baixiang Huaxing Paper Packaging Co., Ltd: Since August 18, the price of base paper has been raised by 50 yuan/ton (including original order and advance payment).
Xinxiang Henry Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd: Since August 17, the price of 165G base paper has been raised by 50 yuan per ton on the current basis. Baishan Qixiang Paper Industry Co., Ltd: Since August 13, the price of high-strength corrugated paper has been increased by 100 yuan per ton on the basis of the original price by 90 grams, 100 grams, 110 grams, 120 grams or more. Customers who have not yet delivered the original order and paid in advance will execute the new price together.
Liaoning Xingdong Paper Industry: 120g high watt increased by 100 yuan/ton, quoted 3000 yuan/ton.
Jiangmen Qiaoyu Paper Industry: 120g high watt up 50 yuan/ton, quoted 3200 yuan/ton.
Dongguan Shuangzhou Paper Industry: High watt 120g up 30 yuan/ton, offer 2780 yuan/ton.
Dongguan Shunyu Paper Industry:
High watt 120g increased by 30 yuan/ton and quoted 3230 yuan/ton.
Dongguan Taichang Paper Industry: 50 yuan per ton increase in box board and corrugated paper.
Puwa 90g quoted 2400 yuan/ton, Q 130/140 g quoted 3400 yuan/ton.
Dongguan Xufeng Paper Industry: High watt 120g up 30 yuan/ton, quoted 2980 yuan/ton.
Dongguan Yinzhou Paper Industry: T-class 130g carton paper increased by 50 yuan/ton, quoted 3360 yuan/ton.
Dongguan Jianhai Paper Industry: 30-50 yuan/ton increase.
Dongguan Junye Paper Industry: 30-50 yuan/ton increase.
Dongguan Shanglong Paper Industry: High-strength corrugated paper increased by 30 yuan/ton.
Zhongshan Yongfa Paper Industry: High watt 120g up 30 yuan/ton, quoted 3200 yuan/ton.
Yueyang Forest Paper in Hunan Province: The kraft paper production line is scheduled normally. It is planned to raise the price of paper by 100 yuan per ton on September 1.
Shandong Yantai Longxiang Paper Industry: Production of kraft paper, plans to increase the quotation on September 1, the range of 100-200 yuan/ton.
Shanying Paper Industry: Tile Paper, Sequoia up 50 yuan/ton.
Jiangsu Liwen Paper Industry: 50-80 yuan/ton increase.
Taizhou Forest Paper Co., Ltd: 50 yuan/ton increase.
Hebei Dingtai Paper Industry: Corrugated paper prices rose by 50 yuan/ton.
Hebei Baixiang Gemstone Paper Industry: Since August 19, the T-grade of boxboard paper has been raised by 50 yuan/ton. The adjusted cash ex-factory price of 130g/140 G is 2750 yuan/ton and 160g is 2700 yuan/ton.
// Price hikes will suddenly accelerate at a pace that is beyond most carton manufacturers'imagination, reminding you to pay attention to prices.//
In the Yangtze River Delta region, the purchasing sentiment of base paper in the second-class factories has increased sharply, and the stock days of base paper have begun to increase. In other regions, the market is mainly on the sidelines, with slightly improved demand but insufficient stamina, and there is no combination to form a price-raising atmosphere.
Some paper mills are also worried about losing customers by rushing up prices, so the quotation is more stable. But the sudden acceleration in the pace of price increases still exceeds the expectations of the previous September-November price increases.
According to professional analysis, the price increase will increase the single square cost of cardboard mills by 0.01-0.02 yuan, but it will not significantly promote the price increase of downstream cartons.
However, the rising tide of base paper prices in South China is still beyond the expectations of most institutions. It is speculated that the price surge will accelerate abruptly at a pace beyond the imagination of most third-class factories. Remind your bosses to pay attention to the price. Source: Packaging
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