The baby's skin is dry, peeling and eczema. The first pediatrician teaches you how to care for the baby's skin by hand.

"The baby's skin itches again? "
This is not a threat to bear children, but a daily distraction for mothers of eczema babies.
Baby's "baby muscle" is too delicate, thin cuticle layer on the skin surface, weak ability to secrete sebum itself, more likely to lose water.
When it comes to dry season, it is easy to have dry, peeling, red face, red buttocks, eczema and other problems.
Among them, because of itching symptoms of eczema, the baby can not help scratching the affected area, can cause skin damage or exudation, the most worrying mom.
Director of Dermatology Department, Children's Hospital Affiliated to Capital Institute of Pediatrics, Liu Xiaoyan, Chief Physician and Master's Supervisor.
Graduated in 1983, engaged in pediatric dermatology for more than 30 years. Especially for the diagnosis and treatment of infantile eczema and other diseases have rich clinical experience.
In 2015, the Children's Hospital affiliated to the Capital Institute of Pediatrics established Liu Xiaoyan Studio. This is the first expert studio set up by the Institute of Pediatrics.
Director Liu pointed out that eczema is not a disease, but a stage in the growth and development of infants.
The skin structure of infants and young children is not perfect, the cuticle is thin, the keratinocyte is small, and the sebum membrane is incomplete, which leads to the imperfection of the skin barrier function.
The causes of eczema are complex, but generally the process is: water loss, microbial invasion, skin inflammation, allergies and so on.
Director Liu Xiaoyan has many years of rich clinical experience, the secret to deal with eczema: a large amount of silicone cream, that is, the most common moisturizer, tens of dollars a tube, very cheap. She says 60% of eczema relies on moisturizing and 40% on medication. Many eczema can be cured by moisturizing alone, without medication.
Although eczema is more common in children, but the incidence of adult is also very high. Eczema can make people itch to sleep all night, scratch the bleeding and itch, piercing itch.
Doctor Liu's action in treating eczema surprised many parents. Look at the amount of moisturizer applied to their small arms.
Director Liu said that 60% of the cases of eczema relied on moisturizing and 40% needed medication. Many eczema can be cured by moisturizing alone, without medication.
Simply put, skin is the barrier of the human body. Dry air can cause cracks in the skin. At this time, allergens will enter the skin, triggering allergic reactions, such as eczema. So the easiest way is to plug the cracks and use a lot of moisturizer.
For children in the treatment period, Liu Xiaoyan recommended a dose of 250 grams a week, half a kilogram! As long as there is no crack in the skin and the barrier function is restored, the allergic reaction will be alleviated until it is eliminated.
Shouer Silicon Cream is a hospital preparation, Silicon Cream I (Dimethylsilicone Oil Cream), which has been used by Capital Institute of Pediatrics for many years. Before, everyone had to go to the hospital to register for purchase, and even many BMWs need to find the purchase price on behalf of the purchase. Now there is no need to buy on behalf of the purchase, the first child is formally authorized.
Natural ingredients are safer and safe for babies.
The main ingredient of silicone frost: dimethyl silicone oil. No pigment or essence, no irritation to skin, especially for allergic skin.
Long-term moisturizing skin, rebuilding skin barrier, massively smearing Shouer Silicon Cream, forming a permeable protective film on the skin, regulating metabolism and maintaining moisture. It has anti-freezing and anti-cracking properties. It can also prevent the skin from being irradiated by ultraviolet rays and other rays. It can also prevent the skin from being irritated by acid, alkali and organic liquids.
The product originates from "Shouer Fule Cream" of Capital Institute of Pediatrics.
Capital Institute of Pediatrics was founded in 1958.
The first child is a state-level research institute, but also the world's first-class pediatric professional research institutions.
Baoma's trust in the head child is high and her praise is high.
Moisturizing cream should follow three principles: adequate amount, repeated massage. In terms of usage, for children with dry skin and specific dermatitis, we should use more than usual amount of emollient skin, and apply a thick layer, because the large amount can play a role.
_Daubing Method of Daily Moisturizing Cream for Babies
In addition to adequate quantity, it has to be repeated many times a day, tirelessly smeared, strengthening and moisturizing strength. Generally speaking, it is normal to apply it four to six times a day. It's not after a bath that you wipe it. You have to wipe it if you don't take a bath.
For babies with severe eczema, the effect of Silicon Cream + Fulewei Cream is better!
The wrong way of nursing should be avoided
The wrong way of nursing will aggravate the loss of moisture in the baby's skin.
1. Frequent use of cleaner products
This can cause excessive removal of the self-secreting sebum membrane on the skin surface, resulting in water loss.
2. Bath water temperature is too high
Overheated water can damage skin barriers or cause itching.
3. High ambient temperature
Worried about children's cold, the heating or air-conditioning temperature will be very high, to the baby through thick clothes, etc., are prone to heat can not be emitted, skin moisture evaporation increased.
4. Insufficient use of moisturizing cream
Babies with eczema need to rely on adequate moisturizing cream to strengthen skin barriers and moisturizing.
If your baby has severe eczema, go to the hospital and follow the doctor's advice. Doctor Liu Xiaoyan pointed out that nursing is part of the treatment. Even if the eczema is cured, it does not mean that it is completely good, but it still needs to choose the right nursing method. During the dry period of the baby's skin, a large number of smears should be applied immediately after bathing and patching, and many times should be repaired in time.
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