Analysis of Yuanye Problem

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After our in-depth understanding, as well as timely feedback from agents, we summarized some problems of a few customers, and today we will analyze them in a unified way.
Analysis of Common Questions
I lose my hair every day. Will I be bald in the long run? Can you alleviate hair loss with Yuanyuan Shampoo?
Hair loss refers to the phenomenon of hair loss, which belongs to metabolism. Normal hair loss is in the regression period and the end period of hair, due to entering the regression period and the new growth period of hair. Continuously in dynamic balance, so can maintain a normal number of hair. This is normal metabolism.
If it is physiological alopecia, it belongs to the normal phenomenon, there is no need to worry. One day, hair loss in 70 to 100 hair belongs to the normal phenomenon. If it takes too long, we should consider whether it is pathological hair loss. We need to find out the reasons and treat symptoms.
However, whether physiological or pathological hair loss, hair loss can be alleviated from the root through the use of Yogyi No. 2 Shampoo box.
First, Yuanyuan also shampoo, deep cleaning at the same time, its main ingredients, Sophora flavescens, Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae, can also detoxify and sterilize, balance, promote the health of hair follicles.
Platycladus orientalis leaves in No. 2 shampoo in No. 2 box. For seborrheic alopecia is very effective, it can balance water and oil, prevent alopecia, wind, can improve blood deficiency alopecia, ginger can activate blood to drive cold, consolidate hair and prevent alopecia.
Then, through the use of the Yuanye 2 system. Correct use can alleviate abnormal alopecia and help to regenerate the alopecia.
At the same time, we should also suggest that customers with good living, eating and sleeping habits, the effect will be better.
02 Use No. 2 box, hair loss condition is much better, but after a while began to lose hair one after another?
In this picture just now, we know that our hair can be divided into growth period, regression period and rest period. Most of the lost hair is in regression and resting period.
Our Yuanyou No. 2 Shampoo box can help fix hair and prevent hair loss. That is for growth or regression period of abnormal loss, hair, can play a role in fixing hair. But for hair at rest. It belongs to a natural metabolic process, although it can not continue to de-fix hair. But it can accelerate its rest period, hair falling off quickly, balance grease, nourish hair follicles, so as to better produce healthy new hair.
So some customers may. Used, just lost a little, but gradually feel how to start to lose hair, feeling very anxious, so we must tell customers that this situation belongs to a metabolic process, we should follow the law of hair growth, on this basis, continue to use the second set of Yuanye, and And insist on long-term use. It will make the scalp and hair in a balanced state, so as to achieve better integration, fixing and hair effect.
03. With the No. 2 box, hair loss becomes more serious. When the No. 1 box is replaced, hair loss decreases.
When this happens to a customer, the principle is similar to the previous problem. Usually this part of his hair is at an end. So. When we use the No. 2 box, we know. No. 2 suit box can not only fix hair and prevent hair loss, but also accelerate the metabolism of scalp, thus better hair growth. So it will feel a little serious alopecia, we need not worry, as long as the daily alopecia, between 70 and 100 are normal.
At this time, if we change back to our No. 1 box, No. 1 box, the main thing is to repair and moisturize, his effect of promoting hair regeneration and metabolism is less than that of No. 2 box, so. You will feel a little less hair loss, which is actually a sign of slow hair loss at the end of the period. Don't worry about this situation. Continuing to use No. 2 or No. 2 sets for alternate use can accelerate the metabolism of scalp, weed out the old and bring forth the new, prevent hair loss and hair growth.
04. What is seasonal alopecia? Can it be alleviated by using Yuanye 2 set?
When it comes to seasonal hair loss, we know it. It's autumn now. Usually it's mid-season and mid-summer. Autumn and winter are the seasons. Seasonal hair loss is more serious period, so this problem, let's focus on it.
Seasonal alopecia, more common, especially in autumn and winter, alopecia will be more obvious, this is a normal physiological phenomenon, also known as physiological alopecia.
Especially in the alternation of seasons, feet appear hair loss, but with the gradual adaptation of the climate, such hair loss may also be reduced. Reduce to true normal hair loss.
Seasonal alopecia is mainly due to the scalp, in different seasons, with the change of temperature, skin temperature will also be reduced, scalp microfilaments, vascular network, perineal dermatoglyphic decline, inactivity.
Because the microfilament vascular network directly transports nutrients to the hair root, and the hair root is affected by this. However, there are nutritional metabolic disorders and insufficient nutritional supply in the root of hair, which results in hair loss.
With the beginning of autumn, the cool weather, dry climate and accelerated evaporation of moisture in skin and mucosa will lead to the decrease of sebaceous gland secretion and trigger. Hair is dry and shedding. For example, human beings belong to animals. For example, the pets in the house will have different degrees of hair removal when the seasons alternate, which is a normal physiological phenomenon.
The use of Yuanye No. 2 set is helpful for seasonal hair loss. Seasonal hair loss belongs to physiological hair loss. We would like to use No. 2 set shampoo and ginseng. It can nourish hair follicles and hair, replenish vigor, privet seed, promote hair follicle microcirculation, Gastrodia elata and Angelica sinensis gas to stop bleeding.
Ginger can invigorate blood circulation to drive cold, prevent stripping, germinate, these ingredients. Dealing with scalp temperature in autumn and winter, reducing hair root malnutrition and other effects are very significant, help prevent hair loss, hair loss in the terminal period, hair follicles will continue to rise, new, new, so that our use of Yuanyuan Shampoo can promote the health of new hair.
05. What happens to itching during the use of the product?
If customers have itching during the use of products, we should analyze it from many aspects.
First of all, we need to confirm whether the customer is using the correct method, after fully cleaning, whether it is washed with flowing warm water.
Our abyss is also shampoo water, although there are many precious Chinese medicinal herbs refining essence. But there are also surfactants for cleaning. Therefore, after thorough washing, we strictly require that the scalp and hair must be washed clean, if there is no rinse clean residue, it may cause itching and dandruff phenomenon.
The second reason, shampoo, we require three to five minutes of massage, but must use the abdomen. Not with nails. If too much nail force causes damage to the scalp surface, there may be a slight infection, but also a slight itch.
The third reason is slight itching, which is normal because of our shampoo. In addition to deep cleaning, there is also sterilization. Promote blood circulation. And the efficacy of hair follicle microcirculation, especially for customers with folliculitis, slight itching during conditioning is a normal phenomenon, adherence to use will slowly improve.
The fourth reason is that the customer is using the right method. The rinse is also very clean, but it is very itchy after washing, and it can not be alleviated. There is also a mild allergic reaction. Although the essence of Chinese herbal medicine is also very precise and safe, it does not exclude a small number of people. Individual person's constitution also has the allergy phenomenon to some Chinese medicine.
If this happens, our policy is to advise customers to stop using shampoo for a few days and use other shampoos. Then use Huiyuan Shampoo. Use this alternately several times. If there is remission, it can continue to be used in accordance with this method. If there is no remission, it can be suspended.
The fifth reason may be before the customer. Long-term use of chemical ingredients, shampoo or long-term hair dye perm, scalp accumulated a large number of toxins and heavy metals. The detoxification process can also cause slight itching when the raw liquid product is just used. That can be alleviated by persistent use.
The sixth reason may be everyone's scalp. The scalp is divided into dry oiliness, sensitivity and neutrality. Everyone's scalp and hair are different. According to authoritative statistics, 15% of the users of each shampoo will react. Later, temporary dandruff or itching is normal when it occurs.
So, when consumers have physiological reactions, dandruff and itching after use, just follow the correct shampoo method. Most of them can be alleviated after a period of persistent use.
In addition, we say that dry climate, low temperature in air conditioning room and sun exposure, spicy diet can also cause itching, we can correspond to the situation of customers.
Our Yuanyuan shampoo usually goes through five stages in the process of using. The first stage is the adaptation period. The probation period is the process of thoroughly cleaning scalp. The second stage is the detoxification and silicon removal period. It can remove dirt and impurities from hair follicles and remove silicone oil. The third point is the conditioning period, no matter how serious the scalp condition, slowly began to work. The fourth point is, as for the seventh. It can adjust the balance of scalp ecological environment, the fifth is the consolidation period, long-term use of our products can maintain the health of the scalp.
06. What is the reason for the increase in dandruff during the use of the product?
Yuanyuan also shampoo has the effect of removing dandruff. Salvia miltiorrhiza and Sophora flavescens have the effect of sterilizing, anti-virus and anti-dandruff and anti-itching. The reasons for the increase of dandruff during the use of customers are summarized as follows.
The first is that in the last step of washing, the inadequate cleaning will lead to increased dandruff and itching.
In the second case, it is possible that the customer has a clue before, but not so much. There may be a lot of clues, which were similar to scabs before, such as tinea capitis, and liver blood.
Tinea capitis is generally thicker, it will be tightly attached to the scalp, covered with silver-white scales on the surface, often patchy distribution, and dry debris, it is caused by microbial infection of the scalp and hair damage.
That is to say, there are a lot of dandruff before such customers, but they can improve dandruff by sticking to the correct method when they gather together and use Yuanyou shampoo to remove the dandruff gradually after deep cleaning.
In the third case, there is too much dandruff. Usually caused by fungal infection or excessive oil, of course, there are also some congenital physical problems, which are relatively difficult to solve. It is relatively easy to repeat. When some customers choose dandruff products, some of the ingredients on the market are non-natural and slightly better when they use them, but if they stop using, they will relapse or if they stop using them. More seriously, many of them contain chemicals such as zinc sulfate or hormones, which are highly dependent, so these customers stop using them.
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