Delayed cross-country trump card, the first annual preservation rate, V6 cylinder + beam, will become the past.

The number of off-road SUV market, ahead of the Hummer H1, H2 battle field, arrogant group heroes, followed by Mercedes-Benz G, Land Rover Guards, Jeep Rangers, Toyota Cool Luze and other smooth and impressive. An excellent off-road vehicle, not only has a strong power, excellent chassis, but also has excellent stability, to ensure the safety of every moment. And today's protagonist, not only has, can take you anywhere, but also can bring you back from anywhere. The protagonist is Landeku Luzeprado produced by FAW Toyota, an overseas "brother" crossing the sea, who entered the country in 2003 and is well known for his name of "hegemony". Despite the change of its name to Prado, it still does not cover up the name of "hegemony" by car friends.
Familiar with Toyota SUV friends, Ken will be familiar with Landcool Luze, land cruisers, they are actually the name of Toyota SUV, referred to as LC. After World War II, Jeep founder Willis produced off-road vehicles throughout the victorious and defeated countries. Among them, the off-road vehicle with its strong functionality and passability, so that people break the inherent concept of the car, more manufacturers began to develop their own off-road vehicles. With the passage of time, the development of the automotive industry is also progressing day by day. The off-road vehicles coded LC are also on their own roads, tracing the pace of progress, for example: Cool Luze LC200, Prado LC150, FJ and so on, which are well known for the classic models, among which LC150 is today's Prado.
What are the characteristics of an excellent off-road vehicle? Maybe not familiar with the cross-country car friends, the first impression is the chassis high, then what does chassis high-energy represent? Perhaps Prado can give the perfect answer. Prado has a body size of 4840 mm (5010 mm tail-mounted spare tire version)* 1885 mm ** 1890 mm. It is positioned as a medium-sized and large-scale hard SUV. Compared with its Cool Luze LC200 body size of 5095 mm * 1975 mm * 1930 mm, it is a relatively small lap. The former is better than the rainforest track, and the latter is more willing to use the desert gobi. Moreover, it will be nearly 1.9 meters high, 215 meters minimum ground clearance and body chassis with girders, in the same level of off-road vehicles, it can be said that there is a bus-like driving sight.
Prado produced in China not only brings advantages in price, but also in comfort of use. For example, leather seats, seat ventilation heating, direction heating, JBL audio and so on, which are much higher than the imported version, matching itself with a very spacious interior space. To a certain extent, it improves its ride comfort.
Speaking of this, someone must have asked, what I want is an off-road vehicle with superior performance, what is the role of these configurations? Prado, produced by FAW Toyota, has undergone several decades of updates and increasingly stringent coffee regulations. In 2018, Prado was forced to stop producing 2.7L displacement models, replacing the proud full-time 4-drive+Thomson differential with time-sharing 4-drive. If we describe this phenomenon in terms of simplicity, compared with the increasingly tense energy and environmental pollution, it is obvious that we would prefer the major automobile factories to make technological progress, because this brilliant model will become the past in 2020! __________ Delayed cross-country trump card, the first annual preservation rate, V6 cylinder + beam, will become the past.
This 6-cylinder naturally aspirated engine from 1GR, named 7GR-FKS after upgrading, has been reduced from 4.0L to 3.5L. While reducing the displacement, the power has not been reduced. This engine has 206KW power, 280PS maximum horsepower, 365N. m maximum torque, with a 6-speed manual self-integrated transmission, driving a car with a girder, self-weight of 2285KG body, power has been enough. Of course, cross-country performance can not be measured only by road indicators such as 100 km acceleration and ultimate speed, because in this way, it may not be as good as a 1.8T car, but what it can bring to users is not only a vehicle from point A to point B, but also a vehicle measuring the great rivers and mountains of the motherland with wheels and traveling through the Qizag. Rough and challenging road, self-confidence when crossing the current, and excellent quality of not falling off the chain at critical moment.
Under increasingly stringent standards, what about this controversial time-sharing 4-drive Prado? Friends familiar with it will know that Prado has been building this successful model with abnormal preservation rate, mature production line and stable quality. Time-sharing 4-drive can effectively reduce fuel consumption and emissions, but it also reduces the stability of the whole road condition, mainly reflected in the complex road conditions of snow and ice. However, in cross-country road conditions, the switching of high-speed and low-speed 4-drive, the amplification of torque 2.56 times, the support of chassis 215mm, and the super-long ground clearance of the rear integral bridge, with 280Ps horsepower natural aspiration engine, electronic skid restriction, etc., the cross-country performance has not decreased at all.
Flowers have a restart day, no one is a teenager anymore. While lamenting the passage of time, Prado, the cross-country ace, has entered the country since 2003, accompanied us through many years of spring, summer, autumn and winter. This classic model is about to fade out of our sight. FAW Toyota declared that production would cease in 2020. Even the Parallel Import of Prado, Pajero and other off-road vehicles in China had to face the environmental pollution. In this era of small displacement plus turbine, large row of natural suction has slowly become the past, and all we can do is to cherish the roar of every silicone oil fan ignited, and the joy of every full load returned.
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