Deeply draw lessons from the "8.23" accident, and continuously deepen the major inspection and renovation of production safety in agglomeration areas

At 20:22 on August 23, a fire broke out in a silicone oil storage tank in Chengye Organic Silicon Co., Ltd. of Zhejiang Province. Quzhou Fire Rescue Detachment quickly mobilized fire squadrons and Juhua Full-time Team from Keshan and other urban areas to dispose of the accident.
Xu Wenguang, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Tang Feifan, vice secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Chen Jinbiao, standing vice mayor of the Municipal Party Committee, Liu Genhong, Secretary of the Party and Labour Committee and director of the Management Committee of the gathering area, gave instructions at the first time, demanding all-out rescue to ensure safety. Vice Mayor Wang Liangchun, Vice Secretary of the Party and Labor Committee and Vice Director of the Administrative Committee Qian Zhisheng waited for on-site command. Heads of government offices, agglomeration areas, emergency response, public security and environmental protection departments attended the rescue in time.
The fire was brought under control at 22:55 on 23 August, and at 2:20 a.m. on 24 August, the open fire was extinguished without casualties. The cause of the accident is still under investigation. According to the monitoring by the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, the air quality and water quality in the area near the accident site are normal.
Safety in production is of great urgency
On the morning of August 24, the gathering area held a large-scale inspection and deployment meeting for production safety, briefed Chengye Silicone Accident, and deployed the next stage of enterprise production safety investigation and renovation work. Qian Zhisheng, Deputy Secretary of the District Party and Labor Committee and deputy director of the Administrative Committee, presided over the meeting and made a speech. Xu Jianyong, member of the District Party and Labor Committee, all personnel of the service industry in Donggang and high-tech zones, all personnel of the Ministry of Anhuan, relevant personnel of the Ministry of Economic Development and the head of the Environmental Protection Branch participated.
Qian Zhisheng emphasized that we should learn lessons profoundly, draw inferences from each other, firmly establish the bottom line consciousness of "nothing to lose" and tighten the string of safety production at all times. We should shift our focus downward, compact our responsibilities, carry out a comprehensive carpet inspection and renovation, make a list of problems, responsibilities and time, and rectify within a time limit. We should give priority to prevention, pay attention to long-term effect, sound the alarm bell, and persevere. We should take good care of ideological, executive, responsibility and emergency, eliminate all kinds of potential safety hazards in the bud, and ensure the normal and long-term safety in production.
After the meeting, Qian Zhisheng and his delegation went to Zhejiang Shuoebo Science and Technology Co., Ltd. and Quzhou Zhengbang Organic Silicon Co., Ltd. for on-site safety inspection. Everywhere, Qian Zhisheng inspects the warehouse, tank farm and other places of the enterprise, and understands in detail the production process and security measures of the enterprise. He urged enterprise leaders to strictly implement the main responsibility, strengthen standardized management and staff education and training, strive to promote high-quality development of production safety, and actively build a safe and harmonious factory.
Qian Zhisheng and his delegation also visited the Keshan Fire Brigade to express their condolences. They highly praised the team as a team that could win at a critical moment. They expressed their heartfelt thanks for their contributions in rescue and rescue. It is hoped that all the members of the team will continue to make great efforts to carry forward their fine traditions and styles and create a harmonious and stable fire safety environment for the economic and social development of the agglomeration area.
It is understood that the Security Supervision Bureau of the agglomeration area, the Ministry of Economic Development, Quzhou Jucheng Safety Technology Services Co., Ltd. and relevant technical experts will form seven inspection teams from now on. They will go to more than 100 chemical enterprises, enterprises constituting major hazards and labor-intensive enterprises in the park to carry out a one-month safety production inspection and further promote it. Major investigation and rectification of potential risks.
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