Homemade Red Bean Coconut Juice Cake, Sugar-free version is also delicious

There is another typhoon, staying indoors, I also feel the hot outdoors, think of the sugar-free red bean coconut milk cake I made before, can bring some cool.
Last month, she took her little friend to the water park to play. When she came home, she had a fever and burned for a day. Fortunately, she was in a very good mental state. She could eat, sleep and play. During her illness, she still missed the red bean coconut milk cake she had in a restaurant that day. I made a meal for her while she was snoring to sleep. She woke up in the afternoon and ate it happily.
The following pictures and texts are from Cao Wei of Ganma Tiantuan.
Red Bean and Coconut Pulp Cake
Reference Month Age: 12m+
# Sugar-free #
"Food Material"
250g coconut milk
150 grams of fresh milk
10 grams of gelatin powder
40 grams of red beans
Appropriate amount of water
Suitable object: Babies who are not sensitive to the above ingredients
1. Wash the red beans, pour in some water, and refrigerate them for a night.
2. Put the foamed red beans into the rice cooker, add some water, and press the "cook" button.
3. Pour the coconut milk and fresh milk into the pot. Heat the pot over a low heat until small bubbles form around the pot. Remove from the fire.
4. Add the gelatin powder into the coconut milk and milk mixture and stir well.
5. Place a piece of silicone oil paper at the bottom of the mould.
6. Spread cooked red beans on the bottom of the mould.
7. Pour in some coconut milk.
8. Cover and refrigerate for more than 2 hours.
9. After removing it, make a circle around the edge of the mould with a knife, buckle it upside down on the plate, and then cut it into equal cubes, which can be eaten.
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