Wash your hair with it, and don't lose it in a week! He invested 60 million yuan for 20 years, the pioneer of Chinese plant shampoo powder!

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| 01 Chinese Initiative to Subvert the World's Shampoo Industry: Keep Hair from Chemical Damage
A Chinese based on traditional Chinese medicine in the Qin and Han Dynasties, with Chinese unique Camellia as the main raw material, with multiple Chinese medicine essence, exclusively created a whole plant shampoo.
After washing hair with shampoo powder, it not only prevents stripping, relieving itching, removing dandruff and preventing greasy, but also makes a SPA for the muscles and veins from the scalp to the whole body.
| 02 The perseverance of the first batch of daily chemical engineers in China: making the best use of China's treasures
In the 1990s, Zhou Xin, a Hunan native, joined P&G Cincinnati International Hair Research Center to develop shampoo.
As an international daily chemical R&D engineer, Zhou Xin's footsteps are all over the world. Travel fatigue makes his hair fragile and greasy.
After listening to this, his mother sent him tea seed cake to wash his hair. His hair was not oily and his hair loss was no longer troublesome.
Since then, Zhou Xin has studied Chinese unique Camellia for more than 20 years, and Huagong Snow Camellia Shampoo was finally born.
Multiple precious plant essence condensed shampoo powder, easy to knead fine foam with water, does not contain any artificial preservatives, is better than shampoo natural use, has a unique solid hair dandruff effect.
One time anti-itching and anti-dandruff Huagong Xueshan Tea Shampoo
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| 03Camellia 2300's Hair Legend: Camellia haircare has a long history
Camellia: A kind of plant only growing in China. Camellia seed cake pressed with oil and boiled with juice and shampooed is a millennium tradition in Nanyue Buddha.
CCTV "Travel China" focuses on the report: boiling water with camellia seed cake shampoo is a "anti-dandruff hair-nourishing artifact".
The 90-year-old grandmother's hair in the camellia producing area is dark and shiny. "When she is old, her hair is full and thick and does not lose its hair."
"Compendium of Materia Medica" describes: Camellia seed governs women's hair, mixed with research.
Song Meiling, the first lady of the Republic of China, has been shampooing her hair with Camellia juice. Even in her old age, she has black hair. Empress Dowager Cixi of the Qing Dynasty appointed camellia to grow her hair for sixty years.
04 PK shampoo shampoo: it contains no chemical preservatives, excellent essence and strong concentration.
Zhou Xin, a daily chemical engineer, has come to the conclusion that chemical additives in shampoo can make the scalp sporozoite grow morbidly, damage the scalp, make the scalp grease secrete vigorously, and cause hair loss.
And liquid shampoo is easy to corrupt, so shampoo must be added with chemical preservatives, even silicone oil, sulfate, etc., which damages the scalp and hair.
After thousands of tests, Zhou Xin found that if you can use powder as shampoo products, you can not add chemical preservatives at the same time, but this requires a high level of raw materials and technology.
In 2009, Zhou Xin returned to his hometown, Nanyue Hengshan, and found that the local people were still poor. He decided to do something meaningful for his hometown and ideal.
He invested 60 million yuan to set up China's first camellia daily chemical plant in Hengshan. The original ecological Camellia base of 100,000 Mu was in a shaky state, which promoted the local economy and employment.
The freshest raw materials of Camellia in the production area have made a technological breakthrough in Camellia raw materials. Many international brands have ordered daily chemical raw materials of Camellia from him. CCTV has also interviewed his factory.
After a long period of research, Zhou Xin's team finally obtained a patent for camellia seed processing. Referring to the Chinese ancient recipe and international frontier technology, it finally launched the world's first camellia plant shampoo.
The Book of Rites records that if you have sores on your head, you will be bathed. During the Qin and Han Dynasties, the plants were boiled with ten kinds of Chinese herbs to wash their hair. When they were washed, they were steamed with hot air. The plant essence entered the scalp. They not only protected themselves, relieved itching and dandruff, but also relaxed their scalp to the whole body.
Huagongxue shampoo formula accordingly, contains more than ten kinds of plant and traditional Chinese medicine ingredients.
[Camellia seed] Black hair to prevent hair loss and dandruff
[Plant amino acids] The most expensive and advanced natural hair-nourishing ingredient, known as the "Save the Magic Art of Bacillus subtilis"
[Polygonum multiflorum] Compendium of Materia Medica: occurrence and development of Aconitum multiflorum
[Aloe Vera] Smooth and Anti-slippery Hair
"Mint" Seeking Truth in Materia Medica: "Xinneng disperses, but in headache, headwind, fever, depression and Qi dissipation.
[Magnolia and Rosemary] Shennong Herbal Classic: "The body of the five main organs is cold and hot, and the head aches."
Shampoo, which is known as an important essence, contains less than 2% of its essence.
Camellia shampoo is different. It contains 50% of the active camellia seed extract. The rest are herbal extracts of traditional Chinese medicine.
Through ultra low temperature technology, the essence of plants can be condensed into dried powder. This technology can make the product do not need to join any chemical preservative.
Camellia shampoo is the essence of concentrated essence. Its weight is only 110g, but it is equivalent to the frequency of 500ml shampoo. It is easy to fly on solid state without worry. At the same time, it is very mild. Washing and bathing is both available. It is also very convenient to carry out body building and travel on business.
35,000 users personally evaluate the packaging upgrade of formula
Huagong Xueshan Tea Shampoo immediately attracted wide attention
According to 35,000 consumers'personal feedback
Recipe Packaging Upgraded Again
Xiaobian Parental Testing is Effective
Small braided hair is oily, hair loss is serious and dandruff itches
The efficacy of this shampoo is just my pain point!
Use Feeling:
Mild and comfortable, tasteless and stimulating
After a shampoo, take it off! Hair! Less! Now!
No at once! Itch! No Oil!
No dandruff. It's super refreshing all day!
Decontamination decreased significantly after one week of use.
Hair is no longer greasy, nor soft!
After washing, the silk feels fluffy and soft!
The feeling of abundance and refreshment is great.
Silk as smooth, combed to the end.
Hair care is the only way to keep your face up!
Now, 20 years later, it still has black hair.
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