Group! Light and fluffy shampoo, negative ion hair dryer, Peach Oolong tea and old lady Qin with the feeling of "savage girlfriend"~

Very practical self-use group!
I guess you'll like it!
1. Akin Aiyin Rosemary shampoo daily price: 139 yuan quietly give a discount: 30 yuan activity price: 129 (8.25-8.26 activities) after the discount: 99 yuan
This shampoo, please allow me to recommend TA by head!
I actually recommended it before.~
When I recommended it, I tried it on a trial basis and did not use it continuously, so I may feel that the description is not very accurate.
Recently, I've run out of botanists. There's still 80% left in this bottle. I'm lazy. I'm going to run out of this bottle before I buy it. Then when the bottle came to the bottom, I almost growled and asked our business sister if this could be a regiment or not! ____________
I would like to buy it!!!!
Without saying anything else, I will say how I feel about using it.
It's: silky hair! And fluffy!
It's my sister's hair at the peak!
I'm in Rosemary.
This is the last drawing recommended by our sister. Really solid oh! Picture P You killed me.
This shampoo is designed to prevent hair loss.
Rosemary is the soul of this shampoo. The overall use of the fragrance feeling, a bit like the Oshudan Verbena lemon series, are fragrant, feel extremely comfortable high-grade fragrance. Then rosemary itself regulates scalp grease, promotes blood circulation and improves hair loss. (Mainly to inhibit hair loss, anti-hair shampoo generally has a good oil control function, reduce scalp burden)
Let's not talk about the anti-hair loss effect of ta, but why is it amazing to me as a shampoo?
It's a silicone-free formula and it's a little dry when it's washed. That's why I didn't stick to TA in the first place. But when her home's avocado conditioner is used together, after washing and drying, it's smooth (but not slippery). TA doesn't have the satin feeling after washing with moisturizing shampoo, but it's the light hair, you know? I have a lot of hair. Once oil comes out, it's catastrophic...
The most amazing thing about this is that I feel lightweight after washing, and absolutely lightweight all day from morning to night. Pregnancy! It's easy to produce oil. And it's summer! With this, even if you go out for a walk and sweat a lot, until the sweat dries up your hair is still so light, my God! It's love!
I will buy back 10,000 years just for this lightness (big brand and small brand shampoo has been used countless times, lightweight and fluffy sense TA absolute no1). My hair hasn't been cut recently, and I want to grow it again. Long hair must be light and full. Otherwise it looks greasy and dirty. So I'm going to use this shampoo. Unless there's something more amazing about my choice.
Then it's hair loss prevention. Maybe I don't think it's a good reference because I have a lot of hair and I'm not a bald girl. Hair loss is not easy during pregnancy. But I used to comb my hair and drop a little every day. I tell you recently, TA just won't go away! I feel like I'm more than three times as hairy as a family.
I don't know if this shampoo works, but there's a lot less hair loss in front of the dresser.
The bargaining team has worn its tongue and can open a special price group for us.
I'm such an exciting person that I find that the first thing I recommend now is not my mother... It's you...
The last bottle is empty and another one is in.
Purchase Link: [ImIBY9sbG4o]
2. Reference price of hair dryer: 299 yuan quietly give a discount: 100 yuan
After shampoo, it's about hair. Recently, there are more and more girls who let their hair dryers open. It seems true that there hasn't been a group hairdryer for a long time.
What I want to say about the hair dryer is that ___________. If Dayson doesn't have the money, don't buy it. On New Year's Day, I purposely bought my mother a big red Dayson, and then... Then... They haven't unpacked it yet, so they put it there. They said Philips bought more than 600. It's easy to use.
My mother, can't you use Daisson's face? But my mother said, isn't a hair dryer just a hair dryer? Can you blow-dry your hair without hurting it? I'm too lazy to take apart... Well, how to say... I don't know what to say.
Since the pursuit of good use and benefit is the general demand of everyone. That's really a good one. I bought it specially to test it for you.
Reasons for starting the mission:
This one is also net red, the price we talked about is appropriate. To hand 199, others to hand at least 239, 259 look like it.
The utility model belongs to a small hair dryer. It is easy to carry and has high color value. It can be used at home or in the dormitory.
Three core functions, no radiation (pregnant women can use), negative ion (hair care), far infrared (fast drying), all have. The price is reasonable. With these three general configurations, the price of the product will go up, and this price is still real.
Then I use the feeling:
It's true that you don't hurt your hair. Major strategy Hair dryer unless there is any high-end protein function goods, otherwise the hair is dry after blowing. The old saying is that it will be irritable and dry. This little one won't feel dry after blowing. Negative ion function is really not a gimmick, because TA can neutralize positive ions in hair, alleviate irritability and static electricity. The autumn and winter of the Golden Lion Kings are coming soon. Whether you want to enter this section or not, it is necessary to upgrade your hair dryer to a negative ion function.
The temperature is suitable. The wind is not as powerful and hot as it is. It's very mild. Then the fast drying is really amazing. Although the wind is not big, it may be because of the far-infrared function, the speed and power of TA drying is really the same.
Level of appearance. Known as parity Dayson. Well, I'm a little sad when it comes to Dayson. But I did get a good face.
Look at the picture. There are also gift boxes. It's also appropriate to send friends. Later, I will never start on Dayson, heartache!
At the same time in the group, there are pink and mint green oh~
100 yuan discount:
Long press to identify the two-dimensional code below, you can buy
3. Qin Lao Tai Wugu Meal Replacement Powder
Price: 390 yuan quietly give a small discount: 150 yuan discount: 240 yuan note "throw quality" return barley Ruoye green juice 1 box, feeding cup 1, red bean and coix powder 2 bags
The day of sticking autumn fat is coming soon. Originally, I planned to bring along a wave of hot pot roast meat. Only when I was called, did I know that I had lost the chance of sticking autumn fat. My fat is enough for me to survive the whole winter...
In order to look good in boots in autumn and winter, Old Madam Qin is going to come out of the river again. Her meal substitute is especially suitable for people who can't control their mouths.
First of all, let's talk about the small advantages of Lao Tai Qin:
There are five tastes in a set, different colors correspond to different effects, like yellow can nourish the stomach, material selection is also very conscientious, pumpkin, millet, carrot are good for the body ingredients.~
Her family has a recipe, if eaten strictly according to the recipe, the effect should be good. I usually eat when I'm too lazy to order takeaway and hungry, so I just barely keep my weight. After all, I've never refused to eat fried chicken kebabs, but I don't have to worry about eating substitute meals according to the recipe. Every week there are Carnival days. There's still a chance to be extravagant.
Whether it is the color of the substitute meal are added with Konjac flour, satiety feeling strong thieves, generally drink a package of three or four hours will not be hungry, but since it is a substitute meal, it is certainly not guaranteed to lie thin, not liposuction surgery, or to properly combine exercise, so as to make the body line look more harmonious, itself thin. Thin ones don't look good either.
Be honest! Since it's a substitute meal, don't expect it to taste good, as long as it's not hard to drink, I'm satisfied, because it can't be hard to drink, she's the longest surviving substitute meal powder beside me. It's added xylitol, and it tastes a little sweet when drinking, and has dumped many generations of meals for several streets!!!
Every time I have an activity, I am a passionate hoarding machine, a big box to drink slowly!!
Preference + Purchase Link: [LibIY9s1MLT]
4. Peach Oolong Tea Bag with High Face Value
Reference price: 59 yuan quietly give a discount: 15 yuan after discount: 44 yuan
The discount offered by Sister Orange.
Because we are both veteran Peach Oolong enthusiasts.
Buy countless Peach Oolong tea bags.
This one is bought and drinked by oneself, and the high price is also suitable. It's the kind of tea bag that will be delightful on the office or desk. It tastes good.
So we talked about the regiment.~
What I really appreciate is his peach oolong!
Let me take a screenshot and make a comment! I feel the same!!!
The most touching thing is that there is no flavor.
Bought a lot of Peach Oolong tea, really defeated by peach essence.
His home is really a high quality tea bag with fruit grains and peach flavor in the mouth, but it doesn't really smell strong. Everything is just right.
I still drink more cold tea this day.
A few hours out of the refrigerator is the smell of high-end restaurant drinks, fragrant but not greasy, with a piece of dessert is a happy life.
The tea bag looks good too.
Anyway, tea bags are one thing. I think drinking is on the one hand, pleasing the eyes on the other hand, and it's a very important aspect.
The whole package of his family is very ritual.
In my tea bag, coupons are not the cheapest, but they are not expensive. His family also has physical stores, but also to some offline catering supply, it is a quality upgrade bar. The price is really impressive.
There is also a tea bag link with four flavors. Let me say, I love everything. Especially grapefruit white tea and peach oolong.
The first girl can try this, see which one she likes, and then buy it back at his home.
None of his tea has + flavor.
So the fruit flavor is certainly not as strong as that of other families. If you want to have a strong fruit flavor, you can add fruit cold or hot bubbles by yourself.
But it's really about seeing his family without perfume. Tea has a delicate aroma, natural but light fruit flavor. However, there are fruit aromas. It tastes satisfying.
15 yuan discount: [VYMoY9t9OZD]
Purchase Link: [ytLtY9t9b9x]
10 yuan discount: [hPB4Y9t9qS3]
Combination Purchase Link: [70YjY9t9Fcl]
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