Have you ever been pitted by an "unknown injection"?

In recent years, the micro-plastic market has been expanding. Many illegal molecules inject injections in the name of "hyaluronic acid", which do not even know what ingredients they are injected with. This has led to serious security risks. Especially, many illegal medical institutions and beauty studios induce customers at low prices, which makes this phenomenon more serious. If an organization or individual attracts you to do a project with gimmicks such as abnormal prices and not being absorbed for more than two years, it is highly probable that the "unknown injection" will be injected.
A beauty seeker once asked me what material I knew I had injected. Why was it called "unknown injection"?
In fact, unknown injections refer to injectable materials with unknown ingredients, unknown effect after operation and harmful to human health. These materials may have been allowed to appear on the market in the early years by the drug regulatory department (Omeidine), but later proved to be extremely harmful to human health, so they are prohibited. The so-called unknown injections refer to the "unknown" consequences of the impact on human health. In order to reduce the risk to human health, it is necessary to remove these "unknown injections" which have been injected into the human body.
What kinds of unknown injections are there?
A. Omeidine
Once widely used in breast augmentation, nose augmentation, buttock augmentation and other medical cosmetic treatment, polyacrylamide gel (hydrophilic polyacrylamide gel), is a colorless transparent liquid substance similar to jelly. On April 30, 2006, the State Food and Drug Administration revoked the registration certificate of Omeidine for medical devices and completely stopped its production, sale and use. Polyacrylamide is a gelatinous polymer. Its monomer acrylamide (ACRYL-AMIDE) is moderately toxic, poisoning the nervous system, injure the kidneys, and cause damage to the life cycle system. The WHO has classified this substance as one of the suspected carcinogens. According to statistics, Omeidine has been widely used in China, these beauty seekers need to take out Omeidine, which is one of the reasons why most of the materials taken out in the current injection removal surgery are Omeidine.
B. Growth factors
Growth factor is a cytokine that can stimulate the growth activity of cell tissues. After injection, this part will continue to grow, leading to skin redness, swelling, discoloration, serious skin ulceration, and affecting surrounding tissues, which is very unsafe.
C. Artificial bone meal
Artificial bone meal generally refers to lipohydroxyapatite. Artificial bone meal has been widely used in nose augmentation by injection. However, the material is difficult to shape and its forming effect is not natural. It is one of the materials that are prohibited from being injected into human body by the state.
D. Silicone Oil
The fluidity of silicone oil will cause the injection site to be changeable, the degree of adhesion and fusion with tissue is very deep, and the very difficult removal of silicone oil will do great harm to human body.
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