You've worked hard! A silicone enterprise in Quzhou caught fire. Fortunately...

Some time ago
"Heroes of Fire" has blown up the circle of friends.
The fire is merciless, the hero is fearless
This movie about firefighters, the retrograde in the fire
Put on your war clothes
They guard us with their lives
Don't be afraid of the wind and rain
Retrograde in the fire
At 20:22 on August 23, a fire broke out in a silicone oil storage tank of Chengye Organic Silicon Co., Ltd. in the high-tech park of Quzhou Industrial Agglomeration Zone.
Quzhou Fire Department immediately dispatched a team to the scene to rescue.
The fire was brought under control at 22:55 on the 23rd.
At 2:20 a.m. on the 24th, the open fire was extinguished without casualties.
After an overnight rescue
Firefighters slept on the floor in various positions
Part of the photo: Rorsch Kay
They are ordinary people.
But they are also heroes who defend their homeland and protect their lives.
May every retrograde
Can all come back safely
Editor: Little Q
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