Eighty-day old car headlights are old and yellowing, so you can draw a circle by yourself and immediately change into a new car.

There must be a lot of old drivers.
There will be such a painful experience.
You're driving happily.
Suddenly, across the street, there appeared a car with extremely dazzling lights.
Blind your eyes
At this time, you quickly hit a high-light "flash" for a while.
Want to remind each other to turn off the high lights
I didn't realize that my headlights were "dim"
After several successive flickers
There was no reaction to the coming car, and I felt desperate in an instant.
Later Xiaobian told the story after the group of car friends said it.
Causing the resonance of many car friends, have said
When the car was first bought back, the headlights turned on.
You can feel the light is enough.
But over time, the light is less bright.
Especially at night, it feels more obvious.
Later, after careful observation, it was found that
The lampshade turned yellow and blurred.
Lightshade "doing things"
It is believed that many people face the same problems:
"Why do headlights turn yellow and blurred?"
The answer is simple.
Because most of the headlights on the market have glass shades.
All high-grade polycarbonate materials
It's the common "resin" glasses.
Anyone who has studied physics knows it.
Polycarbonate is a material that oxidizes over time.
Once dirt is produced
Common detergents are hard to clean.
Damage Caused by "Damage" of Car Lamp
Lampshade is very important for driving a car.
Its brightness and the permeability of the lampshade also determine it.
Safety of our nighttime driving
You know, there are 22% traffic accidents every year.
In case of poor visibility
Because the illumination light is dim
Driver's failure to brake and avoid collision in time
In the case of dim lampshade and low light transmittance of car lamp
It's not just about driving safety.
Even the annual inspection of automobiles is a big problem.
Talk about the link of comparing pit daddy in testing
Lighting Brightness Detection
When the brightness standard is not met, a re-inspection fee will be charged.
Sometimes it's only found after several reviews.
It was not the brightness of the bulb, but the blurring of the lampshade that caused it.
In the end, it takes time as well as money to toss around.
You don't need to change the headlights, you can also turn on the car lights.
When the lampshade becomes blurred or yellowish
The first reaction of many car owners is to replace new headlights.
Check the internet, 1500 yuan for the brand-new car lights/pair
And the cheapest by-factory costs nearly 600 yuan.
Faced with such a high cost
Look at your wallet again. It hurts to think about it.
In other words, it would be better if the original parts were replaced by biting teeth.
If it's cheap, buy inferior by-products
After a long period of exposure, the same thing happened again.
At the end of the day, there is still no solution to the problem at its root.
Later, Xiaobian found out through various understandings.
When the lampshade is blurred, scratched and yellowed
No need to spend a lot of money replacing brand-new lights
The damaged lampshade surface can also be fully repaired.
Most importantly, the money was spent.
It's just a tenth of the price of replacing a brand new headlight.
Aiming at the Problem of "Headlamp Repair"
Several popular tips on the Internet:
Toothpaste for everyday use
"Polishing Wax" for Automotive Paint Surface
Online sales of "spray lamp repair agent"
Alice New Headlight Refurbishment
We borrowed an old business car with our colleagues.
You can see from the picture.
The lampshade of this popular Dongfeng Lingzhi car is old.
There is a deep layer of "film" on the surface.
Due to the lampshade problem, the night driving sight is very poor.
Today, we're going to focus on these online tips for fixing Lampshades
Give you a review
See which method is the most direct and effective.
Tips for fixing Lampshades
Toothpaste scrubbing/restoration
Toothpaste itself contains the effect of "cleaning dirt"
We put a little toothpaste on the cloth or soft cloth.
Wipe the lampshade of the car by turning the circle
Wash it with clean water several times when it's almost wiped.
After we cleaned it with toothpaste
It was found that the surface of the lampshade was clean.
But oxidation and ambiguity have not been improved very well.
Tips for fixing Lampshades
Polishing agent polishing/repairing
Obviously, when there is serious oxidation on the surface of the lampshade
Use toothpaste to remove it. This method failed.
But if it's just the everyday stain on the lampshade
From the point of view of cleanliness, the effect is very ideal.
Next, we test it with "polisher"
See how it will behave.
The method of operation is the same as toothpaste cleaning.
Sponge rubbing on lampshade for circular rubbing
From the effect of construction
Surface brightness of headlights did improve
The overall effect is much better than toothpaste.
When yellowing and stains appear on the surface of the lampshade
Car owners can use polishing wax for polishing.
But if the lampshade is oxidized
The effect of polishing wax is not obvious.
Tips for fixing Lampshades
Spray lamp repair agent / repair
The actual measurement is continuing, in order to make the lampshade perfect repair
Xiaobian groped for a bottle on a treasure
Alleged as long as the lamp scratches, yellowing, cracks
Repairable by spraying
Open the dense operating instructions
It took 10 minutes to read it, then roll up your sleeves and start.
Finally, paint repair is carried out.
A total of three sprays, each construction interval of 5 to 10 minutes
After an hour of operation
Let's take a look at the results of the final test.
In the course of operation, there are some episodes.
Tears on the surface caused by the lack of control of spraying distance
Repeated grinding work is required.
Ultimately, from the front-back comparison chart
The effect is still very obvious. The lampshade is transparent and bright.
And the original yellowish position will never be seen again.
The disadvantage is that the operation is tedious and the construction is troublesome.
Tips for fixing Lampshades
Fluid-coated headlamp restorative/repair
Next, let's test another "liquid" fixative.
Don't look at its little bottle.
Compositions containing silicone oil, abrasives and petroleum solvents
Specially used for resin lamp
Suitable for yellowing, aging, whitening, slightly scratched lamp
Compared with the sprayed lamp repairing agent in front.
The process has been simplified a lot.
Similarly, clean the surface of the lampshade first.
Then grind them with 800# and 2000# sandpaper, respectively.
This wipe restorative uses a "wipe" approach
Don't worry about getting paint surface and other positions.
So we didn't stick protective paper.
We just need to apply it evenly on the surface of the lampshade.
One lamp, five minutes.
After wiping, wait for the lampshade surface to dry.
It is recommended that the waiting time be half an hour, during which it is better not to touch the water.
Let's see how the comparison works.
From the effect point of view, the effect is immediate.
The contrast between before and after restoration is vastly different.
Repaired automobile lampshade
It has the same shining effect as the new headlights.
And you can see that the cracks have almost been repaired.
And the ambiguity has been basically alleviated.
In recent years, scratches and surface cracks have been basically repaired.
I feel like I can fight for another five years.
A small bottle of 15ml capacity
As you can see from the introduction, you can use three pairs of car lights.
That's the renovation of "6" lampshades.
Converted, the cost is less than 10 yuan per time.
It's a good deal in the edition.
Instead of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars replacing headlights
It's better to renovate the original lamp.
And the price difference is 100 times higher.
There's no need to worry about the line problems caused by changing the lights.
After passing the above several headlamp repair tricks test
Although toothpaste contains cleaning effect, it has poor deoxygenation effect.
Polishing agent can protect, but the effect is not obvious.
Spray repair agent has obvious effect, but its operation is complex.
Lightshade refurbishing agent is as effective as repairing agent.
But it is simpler in operation.
Today I share with you the skills of car headlights refurbishment
At the end of the article, of course.
We also need to give welfare to everyone.
In this comparative evaluation, the effect is outstanding.
Price: 89 yuan per box
Fans enjoy 4.4% discount
Activity price only: $39 per box
An old car in old age
Owing to the oxidation of the lamp caused by the sun exposure, the yellowing lamp
This "Alice | headlamp refurbisher"
Absolutely your choice.
If you need it, you may try it.
The car contains artifacts. Nine out of 10 riders need them!
Have you ever seen the car aromatherapy of "flying"?
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