Group Purchase of Sesame on August 24

Group Sesame Purchase August 24
Tuan Pinxiu
Today's Good Recommendation
Wolf-proof stockings
Not only do wolves [wit] [wit] not wear carelessly by things hanging, but a small hole has not been broken off silk, completely does not affect the continued wear, call people love it, and buy a few more?
Safety pants + arbitrary cutting + Silk stockings, four-way velvet arbitrary cutting fabric?
What about the details of wolf socks?
? Fine material visible to the naked eye
Very silky and soft?
And it's anti-hooking yo?
I love this wolf-proof stocking, the design of safety pants, wearing skirt is no longer afraid of the wind [color], the key is that the spare stockings, completely decorated the spots on the legs.
Goddess Wolf Socks
The perfect combination of safety pants and pineapple socks!
The lace stitching is not only silk stockings but also safety stockings, high density knitting, solid material, uniform and clear upper body, smooth luster and texture, 360 degree delicate and thin, compact texture, safe and anti-light.
Neck and Shoulder Massager
Filial piety to parents?? comfort to buy?? alleviate fatigue?? Shoulder and neck massager instrument / cervical multi-functional thumping neck and Shoulder Massager heated household shawl massager??
The neck and shoulder massager has opened many times, and the quality is very good. Hammer shoulder, neck, back, waist, fatigue and relaxation.
Rhythmic massage can improve blood circulation, relax tense muscles, improve the function of nervous and immune system, and promote good sleep.
It is different from the general hand-held massager. It does not need to be held at any time during massage. It can provide massage for many parts of the body. As long as the neck and shoulder music is wrapped around the part that you want to massage, and then it is tightened, you can enjoy the massage that can boost your spirit and move infinitely.
New Devo Hyaluronic Acid Raw Solution
[XEQ three heavy hyaluronic acid] 1 bottles of hyaluronic acid =20 mask, 10 bottles of essence, 40 bottles of lotion, 50 bottles of toner.
Hyaluronic acid can help you really achieve basal skin care, hyaluronic acid? From the source of skin care! Women do not need hyaluronic acid? The skin is a desert, do not need hyaluronic acid? Once the skin of women over the 25-year-old watershed, the skin has been going downhill.
? [de VO XEQ hyaluronic acid]? A bottle of 100ml is a 0? Hormone, 0? Side effect, does not contain heavy metal essence! Main efficacy: moisturize skin, brighten skin tone, can be used all year round, a bottle of multi-purpose??
Devo hyaluronic acid?? Seven really:
1? It can shrink the pore and brighten the skin.
2? Can really whiten, go yellow, light spots.
3? Indeed, wrinkles can be removed, anti-aging, and fine lines can be smoothed.
4? It can really cure allergies, dry skin.
5? It does repair damaged cells.
6? It does remove fat particles.
7? It really can be highly hydrating and moisturizing.
Devo hyaluronic acid
1. Lock moisture and moisturize skin;
2. Eliminate melanin and fade spots;
3. Shrinking pore and tightening skin;
4. Increase tension and elasticity;
5. Effective removal of dark yellow and whitening skin;
6. Moisturize skin and eliminate wrinkles.
7. Repair cuticle and remove red blood filament.
Genuine Huatuo Pharmaceutical Hongyan Yue Guifu Ointment
???? Huatuo Pharmaceutical Hongyanyue Palace Royal Lady Beauty Cream?
Extract the precious essence of hydrolyzed pearl + sheep placenta extract, extract the energy of rose oil, multiply the trump card skin active ingredient "plant extract", whitening and glowing skin in two ways, remove yellow spots, fade the spots, shrink pore, restore white and clean skin, plain face can also "kill" passers-by in the street!
??????????????????????????????? Water tenderness and delicacy! Black skin is not scary to use! It is both a foundation solution and cream cream. It contains placenta essence, marine collagen, natural pearl powder, plant extract and so on. It is moisturizing, whitening, lightening spots, repairing skin, fine pores and enhancing skin elasticity. It is very moisturizing and has excellent anti wrinkle repair function. ????????
Does Huatuo Pharmaceutical Hongyan Yue Royal Use Lady Ointment to wonder why Lady Ointment is so magical? [Question] 1 Placenta element (effect: improving metabolism, beautifying skin, prolonging skin life, delaying aging and removing chloasma scars). 2 pearl powder (effect: whitening, acne removal, blackhead removal, anti-aging, oil control), 3 squalene (effect: moisturizing, protection, repair, anti-aging), 4 collagen protein (effect: repairing shrinkage pore of damaged cells) 5 glasses Uric acid (effect: improve skin nutrition metabolism) 6 Tianshan Saussurea involucrata (effect: known as natural anti-aging agent to prevent and treat acne, freckles and chloasma)?????
Macaron Bluetooth Headset
Charging instructions:
Headphone Charging Tip Lamp: Headphone Charging Red Lamp lights up and goes out
Charging Tips for Charging Box:
1. When the charging box charges the earphone, the green LED lights of the charging box flicker and turn off the green LED lights after filling the earphone.
2. Charging the charging box: The red LED flashes in the charging box, and the red LED lights are always on when the charging box is full of electricity.
Open immersion music mode:
Hifi sound quality, add surging momentum to your song list, Case Cube Bluetooth headset is very expressive, highly restored to the original sound, showing a strong broad range, high-pitched dynamic, strong bass. Will you get pregnant after listening?
How to pair headphones at the same time?
(1) Release the two headphones when they start to see red and blue flashes at the same time
(2) Two-click earphones match successfully, one on each side does not flicker and the other red and blue flickers.
(3) Then turn on Bluetooth for paired connection and you can use it.
Key function: long press boot captain press shutdown, click music pause / play / call answering / hang up, double click next song
Note: The headphones are disconnected after boot-up and shut down automatically after three minutes.
Macaron Bluetooth Headset ~Don't be too easy to use ~
Automatically matching mobile phones, eliminating the trouble of manual connection
Composite membrane horn, listen to pregnancy?
Real three-dimensional HIFI sound quality, let you catch up with the cinema
Mobile phones with shell and belt are exquisite grinding, so don't feel too good yo-yo.
6-color Macaron color system ~made me difficult to choose ~really want to leave one for each color?
Authentic Taiwan Qianjin Diao cold compress
One root implement: Huiyang, activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis, regulating qi and blood, dampness and cold. There are heat and moisture removal, to prevent summer fire, a paste before bed can relax the whole body, alleviate fatigue better sleep, sleep soundly.
For the crowd:
1. Cervical spondylosis patients, office white-collar workers all day long in front of the computer mobile phone long-term fatigue caused by cervical pain and other groups.
2. Athletes with leg injuries caused by high-intensity competition.
3. Middle-aged and elderly people with rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis.
4. Long-term fatigue leads to low back injury and postpartum low back pain.
5. Population with shoulder discomfort due to long-term overactivity and poor posture
6. Improper pillow posture, heavy physical work, driver, long-term bone and joint discomfort...
Genuine Taiwan Qianjin Ba?
A word circulated in Taiwan
"Taiwan's root is better than Korean ginseng"
Many people go to Taiwan to travel, buy a root for their own use or send their relatives and friends everywhere, now you can buy a root of the original import without leaving home [yeah].
Everyone who has been to Taiwan knows that a root in Taiwan is a magical thing and one of the special products that tourists must buy.
One root imported from Taiwan.
Where is the pain sticker?
Long time watching mobile phone, cervical pain?
The computer is often used at work. Sitting for a long time and backache?
Shoulder contusion and strain, shoulder pain?
Four Seasons Weather Change, Rheumatism Joint?
Outdoor fitness, muscle sprain?
Work life tense, head pain?
Old people's lumbar muscle strain, lumbar soreness and backache?
Does a woman's moon get cold and it hurts when she gets cold?
Traditional Chinese medicine prescription, biotransformation technology, ancient and modern treatment, not only pain relief, but also treatment.
Small Black Skirt Washing and Protecting Three-piece Set
Hello everyone, I am a little black skirt wash? 0 silicone oil, 0 pearlescent, 0 stimulation, pregnant women and children can use the whole family! I'm easy to carry. You don't think I'm too big. I'm really talented and practical in my stomach. I bring not only shampoo but also health care for hair and scalp. I can bring infinite possibilities of shampoo shampoo jacket!!
??????? Small black skirt wash and bath three-piece combination suit, each bottle is 500 ml super affordable oh! Long-lasting fragrance smooth, long-lasting fragrance, goddess must have artifacts?
Small black skirt shampoo, no silicone oil Zero burden, so that hair can be cleaned, no residue, pore will not be blocked, hair will not be shed and broken, hair can be better and better nourish hair, smoothing irritable dry, lasting fragrance, so many brand wash and care, only small black skirt???
Sesame Group Purchase
High quality and low price
In the wind and rain, I'm waiting for you in the Sesame Groups.
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