Adolf, let the taste of love never forget.

Smooth and elegant fragrance let you become the focus of the party figure smoothly grab the C position wind blowing, the impression should be the moment of beautiful hair, Ming and Ming TV drama in the long hair drifting heroine "wind-blown hair disorder" is like this. But with the prevalence of perm and dyeing,
In addition to ultraviolet radiation, air pollution,
Hair is getting dry and fragile, dull and dull
When the wind blows, we are often embarrassed to be in disorder.
What kind of experience is it to have beautiful hair that can't be tied by a strong wind? Why don't you know it for yourself? Today Xiaobian recommends a haircare brand to you, no longer afraid of the wind disturbing your noble breath. That's Adolf.
Adolf Brand Story
Adolf, with the pursuit of essence and minimalism as the design concept, adhering to the craftsman spirit of "above the ingenuity, above the craftsmanship". Adolf (ADOLOH), the founder of the brand, Timson Chen, is a fragrance evaluation enthusiast. Based on his passion for fragrance and fragrance evaluation, he has traveled to Europe many times to find fragrance.
In Europe, where fragrances and fragrances prevailed, the founder was lucky enough to get in touch with Adolfo Martinez Gambin (Spanish Martinez Gambin). Through many incense exchanges and studies, the two people resonated in the interpretation of "fragrance and love". Condenser Adolf uses olfactory sensory and rational analysis to penetrate herbal flower essential oil into the concept of fragrance creation, and uses 5-sensory fragrance technology of essential oil to blend a fragrance that makes people feel pleasant, tempting and energetic...
The classical flavor that can arouse people's emotions is defined as "Scent of Love" which has a high degree of recognition.
Adolf, the taste of love will never be forgotten
The founder hoped to pass on the flavor of love that would enhance happiness, and decided to name the brand Adolph (ADOLPH) in honor of the original fragrance of the seasoner Adolfo Martinez Gambin.
Creative products
Adolf has "five product series", international high-end creative shampoo brand, can conditioning scalp hair healthy, natural, effective, high-end shampoo products.
Xiaobian next to introduce you
Three Favorite Adolf Washing Products~
Adolf Soft Silky Shampoo
This soft silky Adolf shampoo is non-silicone oil, using cutting-edge biological hair care technology, contains unique vanilla ingredients lasting fragrance, using vegetable essential oil formula, deeply moisturize and nourish hair, avoid hair scattered and easy to break, make hair smooth and easy to comb.
Because of the addition of aromatic essential oils, you can smell gardenia, magnolia, citrus, roses and other mixed fragrances when you wash your hair. It's especially fresh and has no dry and astringent feeling at all. After blowing, your hair is fluffy and supple, which is more suitable for dry hair.
Adolf hair extract essence conditioner
Adolf plant extract essence hair care lotion, using natural plant formula, can quickly repair the dyeing and polishing, ultraviolet radiation and nutrient loss caused by the lack of elasticity, dry, fork, dark Huang Wuguang and other damaged hair, so that each strand of hair is full of elasticity, like velvety fluffy and smooth.
It has three flavors: fresh gardenia, Camellia love, Fang Ya magnolia, qintian orange, with just the right sweetness, refreshing and sweet as pure young girls; the middle notes are quiet lotus, Oriental peony, rose garden and Yulu qinlan overlap, soft and delicate without elegant elegance; tail regulation. Nordic cypress, pure dandelion, green pea pastoral, nutmeg feelings bring a mysterious and mysterious atmosphere, with a long aftertaste.
Adolf Essential Oil Bath Solution
The essential oil components in Adolf's charming classical bath fluid are volatile aromatic substances extracted from flowers, fruits, leaves, branches, resins and roots. Advanced fluid extraction separation technology is used to extract essential oil molecules, which can retain the natural activity of essential oil molecules to a great extent and quickly replenish water for skin. Let dry skin get deep moistening from inside to outside.
In addition to natural green and moisturizing, Adolf's charming classic bath fluid also has a rich layer of fragrance. When people bathe with the classic charm bath solution, they first smell sweet and fresh fruit fragrance; then, the taste becomes elegant and gentle flower fragrance; over time, the taste gradually transits to mysterious and charming woody fragrance, making people seem to be in the sea of flowers and trees.
Shampooing, or bathing, Adolf can relax both physically and mentally. Adolf's professional nursing formula contains plant energy, which brings healthy and vital feeling. Essential oil extends to every inch of scalp and hair, and gives extreme care. The classic fragrance of body, mind and spirit is vividly interpreted.
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